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Our Services

Our Interior Design company is driven to create beautiful living and communal spaces that have both form and function in parallel. We have a keen eye for detail when it comes to achieving beautifully designed spaces internally and externally to ensure a timeless design while ensuring the practicality of the space you envisioned within it. We offer bespoke architecture and interior design services to define your vision of excellence. We will ensure that the spaces designed around your personal expression create the masterpiece that we have promised.


The Brief

Starting with a consultation with a home visit at your property or we can meet virtually. We will briefly discuss your ideas in order to develop a concept that accurately reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. The meeting serves as a good opportunity to get to know a bit more about each other and to bring your vision to life collaborative stage.

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Upon appointment, a site survey is carried out in order to produce/evaluate floor plans showing furniture layouts, along with mood boards showcasing selected finishes and any bespoke joinery. We will review the plans together and make any adjustments as required before moving forward. We welcome feedback from our client at this stage to ensure the success of the team and the project as we engage together in this collaborative stage.



Upon approval of the furniture and concept plans, we continue to develop the design concept and prepare a presentation of furniture and collating samples. Final bespoke joinery plans will be presented at this stage with a curated selection of finishing touches for the client to see. To conclude with the final concept presented during this meeting we will show an itemized breakdown of costs in line with the client's agreed budget. 

Detail Design

Upon approval concept presentation with the furniture, fabrics, and joinery plans. We will produce detailed drawings and specification packages. All details will be prepared from space planning, lighting design, joinery, kitchen, and bathroom design.



The teams oversee every last detail of construction to ensure that the design is being implemented correctly, facilitating close communication between you and the contractors. Creating a stunning space is a team effort, and we work tirelessly to ensure clear communication from ideation to final delivery.

FFE & Home Styling 

The team carefully sourced, curated, and dress each project with all decorative items and floral designs to create the full lifestyle as the final touch to each project.

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