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Bohemian Escape

The traits I wanted to convey with this mood board: ease, simplicity, and natural.

The great thing about wicker and rattan is that you really don’t need a specific room for it. You only need an accent piece or two such as a small table, chest, tray, mirror or even a side chair to bring this material into any space in your home.

Boho Farmhouse

Growing tired of minimalist color schemes and feeling ready to spice up your designs with some warm and cozy shade? Well, you are not alone! Rust seems to be rising in popularity rapidly these last few months and is now popping up everywhere from fashion to interior design.

Scandinavian Cabin

This trend is mainly about colors that appear in nature, such as soft greens and browns or even taupe. Earthy tones are now becoming a popular choice of color for interiors such as browns, dark chocolate/umber to terracotta/dirty blonde to sandy beige.

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