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Mood Boards

Personal Work, 2018-2020

Always up-to-date with the interior design trends, and this mood board is no exception. A great example is the Armchair, a stunning piece upholstered in a deep blue velvet, that combines several trends in just one product: mid-century design, velvet fabric, and jewel tones. The theme of this project is plant motifs and the use of natural materials, such as wood and brass, which perfectly suits the name “Jungle King”.

 Features such as the teal sofa and gold fixture and added both vintage and modern furniture & lighting pieces to create an eclectic yet very stylish living room!

 The amazing living room design of the hotel is just breathtaking it contains strong tones and grey as well as Emerald Green. I love to create inspiring interiors that speak to my love for bright light and bold colors. 

This understated teal marries the warmth of brass. The look is given deeper roots with natural plants. 

In the Dining Room, you can use stylish neutral colors, like pastel or soft grey to induce a sense of eclecticism. And of course, you must use some hardware details as well. If you don’t what to use and abuse them on cabinets or doors, you can apply them to objects. Just take a look at the stunning look.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love summer? The sea, the sand, the hot breeze, and the good vibes.. and what about bringing all these good vibes into our home? This is possible with these amazing projects and sea-inspired pieces!
The ocean is wide and wavering, he keeps unique and beautiful secrets and what do you think of this exclusive piece? Codium Drawer Handle has a delicate and authentic design that will transform your designs into masterpieces.

Gypsy Haven's living room is a cozy and comfortable retreat. Floral details such as the art and the plants combined with the airy feeling of the room and wooden details make this interior a very unique one.

Contemporary earth tones! What is this trend all about? At its core is the elegant and powerful combination of earth tones and nature-inspired furniture! One of the main contributors to this trend is comfort! As you can see, combining natural elements and tones with a natural vibe and style can produce some amazing pieces with a clearly earthy look. By using pieces of that style in a clean and modern you’ll achieve this trend. 

Nature-inspired living room trends are back, and wood is no exception. Different kinds of woods can match different projects, which makes this material very versatile. Moreover, natural elements create a more relaxed ambience, especially when combined with white decor.

Let’s entangle ourselves in rattan and explore some creative and stylish ways to implement it in our homes.  Having been popular in the 60s and 70s, rattan material is having a bit of a renaissance! Rattan exceeded its traditional role as a corner chair in the guest bedroom or as conservative patio furniture and has lately become a lovely addition to living rooms, dining rooms, dens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Not only is it incredibly strong, sturdy, and durable, but it’s also attractive and comfortable adding texture and dimension to a room. Due to its neutral appearance and the fact that it comes in practically every shape and size, from furniture to décor, rattan will accompany a wide range of looks, from boho to beachy and all the way to old country glamour.

Considered as a sky or even sunset color, this is a beautiful tone, that sends us directly to a sweet and fanciful world.

Living rooms are usually seen as functional areas, but with this perfect trend, they can become enjoyable and relaxing spaces that will awe guests and owners alike. This playful color can be applied on the walls to create a full pink look, or to a specific piece of furniture, such as the sofa, for a more subdued pop of color.

One of the biggest color trends in the interior design industry has always been pastel hues. These are often utilized to grant a more serene and soothing touch to an interior space.  Light shades of pink add a feminine and vigorous character to the room. In addition, this interior space highlights a dramatic chandelier with Swarovski crystals.

Millennial pink has become the "new neutral" because it tends to work well with a lot of other colors adding a certain glow. It looks amazing when teamed with white, grey, black, tan, brown, olive, mint, gold, brass, and copper. So, no wonder the color has dominated everything from paint choices to appliances and furnishings.

Well, this isn’t exactly new, as you can see by the name, but Classic never goes out of style, and currently, it’s bigger than ever! From the Bathroom to the Kitchen to the Living Room, the Classic Style can fit everywhere and anywhere. This special kind of room is perfect for winter, you are able to enjoy the warmth and colors of the sun without exposing yourself to the weather. Providing tons of natural lighting in this area is ideal for spending time at home.

Another trend this year is the use of pastels and duller colors to grant the living room a more Scandinavian design style.

You can create an accent area in your living room with a shade of green of your choice. We particularly love to see emerald green paired with golden details. It is an easy way to create a luxurious vibe without having to put much thought into it. 

Sage is great for instantly creating rich focal accents and make for smart paint colors for accent walls and even trim. Do go for muted and moody sage home interior colors to create provocative depth, and to highlight décor and art brilliantly as sometimes the best paint color ideas are applied in small doses.

Feeling Blue is all about brilliant light. Letting it play with structured fabrics, gold decor and sumptuous velvets create a look that is shimmering and luxurious TIP: Accent navy blue with gold and white, and send more light into your space with a perfectly positioned mirror.

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