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Kam Kaj 

Empathetic AI

Kam Kaj {काम काज} = Chores

UNSW - Thesis Project 2020

An empathetic AI companion who helps you get your household chores done

Initial Design

Utilizing the findings from my research on what kind of gadgets fit interior walls for form, scale, color, etc. In order to begin my ideation process, I sketched a few different pages. I research the psychology of forms and learned curves signify affection, warmth, and participation: if a designer wants to express a message of harmony and concern, then they will benefit from the formation of emotional ties. I wanted to create a simple, but efficient device, and the form that above all else seems to represent strength and community, therefore a curve shape design seemed perfect for me.

I decided to pursue this sketch after fully reviewing all my sketches. I actually looked not only at the psychology of color and the science of choosing fonts but also at the psychological dimensions of the shape. I found that users were consistently impressed by this design after performing user interviews and research and had a strong reaction to the emotional response. When users saw a circular sketch they unconsciously relate it to the community, friendship, and love.


Width 109mm

Height 109mm




Our primary colors for Kam Kaj are Black,

White, Pink, Blue, and Pink-Purple gradient.



Product Tagline: An empathetic AI companion who helps you get your household chores done


Short Product Description: With a room sensor and built-in Voice Service, Kam Kaj is more than a smart gadget.

Long Product Description: With built-in Voice Service, Kam Kaj can listen to

your voice commands and respond. Have it set a timer, list your daily chores, set chores reminders, and more. It also comes with a room sensor that helps manage lights in your home and equalize chores distribution. And because sensors can detect mood, they can automatically enable the right mode keeping it fair for all members.

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